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EaglePie.com is the fastest leading company in Smart Home Securities. We deliver the best class services in CCTV Camera Installation. We have provided the complete solution in CCTV for Home, Business, Commercial, and Industries. We have done almost 1k+ CCTV installation and have great experience in High-Quality CCTV installations. We provide you a 1-year on-site warranty with high-class equipment for CCTV installation. Our team are well-trained and have a great experience in all class of CCTV Camera installation like IP Camera Installation, Surveillance Camera Installation, Outdoor Camera, Indoor Camera or in smart camera with IoT enabled.

CCTV is the basic need of today and we understand very well. Installing the CCTV is a lot easier than in earlier days and comes with advanced technologies. We tie-up with lots of companies like CP Plus, Dahua, Godrej, Samsung, Panasonic, and many more. EaglePie.com is the trusted name in CCTV installation Service, we deliver 1323+ CCTV installations overall in India, and having a great experience with it and we understand what your House, Shop, Business, Industry need in security and surveillance.

We are the Best CCTV Installation Service Provide  and our highly professional engineers understand your requirement and provide you wide rang of CCTV which is perfect for your requirement. We always try to deliver services according to your budget.

The CCTV installation equipment we installed is Dome Camera CCTV, Bulled Camera CCTV, High-quality wire, Power Supply, Pins, DVR & NVR, and other items as per site requirements.


Wired Bulled Camera for outdoor


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

Dome CCTV Camera of Honeywell


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

Indoor Pan Tilt Wifi Smart Camera


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

Night Vision Smart Outdoor CCTV Camera


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Bullet Camera White


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

Wireless PTZ Camera 1080 Full HD


Mount to your wall or ceiling

Fully Waterproof 

Wide Range

CCTV Installation Service

We only deal in CCTV installation with Branded CCTV Camera, Branded Wire and other equipment with highly trustable brands which provide you long life with awesome quality. CCTV is now one of the most need for your House, Shop, School, Business, Industry for Security and surveillances purpose. Installation of CCTV helps to surveillance and provide one more security step for your business.

Then you will secure yourself from any loss. Nobody can steal or harm your goods and provides you better sleep and relaxation.

We provide you all security or surveillance devices like Alarm Security, Biometric or gadgets like Video Phone Door, Wi-Fi Door Bell and many more gadgets for your security and surveillance.

Our team is a tech lover and we solve mostly all security-related problems with the help of technology and with security applications.

Type Of CCTV Cameras


We have a wide range of CCTV for all kinds of solutions like CCTV for Business, CCTV For Shops, CCTV For School, CCTV For Commercial, CCTV for Industry.

Residential Solutions

Get our CCTV security solution and prevent you from unknown persons or prevent your property unexpected attempts

Corporate Solutions

We provide complete CCTV solution related corporate world need. Bio-Metric, Door-lock face recognization cameras

Business Solutions

Get extra security with our CCTV surveillance security system & stay relax, feel secure &  focus on your business growth

Office Solutions

Our engineers are well aware with office need for CCTV we choose the targeted location for cover all security near or inside your office

Parking Solutions

CCTV camera in parking is always needed because we have responsible there for many person vehicle security & secure from annyoing things.

Apartment Solutions

CCTV Camera in the apartment is mandatory in this era. Our responsiblily to provide one more step of security.

Watch From Anywere

No need to worry about if you not available at the CCTV system. We provide you Remote Monitoring. So, You can access your CCTV from anywhere.  

On-Time Delivery

Our Priority always our customer satisfaction. We complete our CCTV installation always on time and deliver the best service as per your requirement.

Support 24x7

EaglePie.com is known as the best support for our services. Our engineer is always ready to fix your problem on time as we promised.

One Year Warranty

We provide you an on-site warranty on CCTV cameras. We replace freely if any camera is not working properly and fix your problem.

Cctv For Business

Cctv For Business

Cctv For Business

Project Completed
Live Project
Trained Professionals

CCTV Installation Service

We are the best CCTV Security camera installation provider in the market. Our engineer is well aware of the right point to install your security camera and provide you total coverage of the area.

IP Camera Installation

IP Camera is the most advanced camera and these CCTV cameras are much expensive if we compare with the Analog Camera system. IP camera connects with NVR & its video quality output is too good.

CCTV Camera Dealer

We have lots of stock of CCTV security cameras, NVR & DVR and we also deal in B2B. If you are interested to buy in bulk then feel free to contact us. Our representative guide installation related steps to giving always good service

CCTV Installation For Home

Installation of CCTV for Home is affordable in a minimal price range and provides security for your house 24×7. Which is good for you and for your family and provides a safe environment with a remote monitor if you outside your home.

CCTV Installation for School.

As an owner of a School or College, it’s your responsibility to secure students and your staff. CCTV installation provides you security & Surveillance to watch what happening around you from your cabin and check that all thing is going well or not.

Business CCTV Installation

Businesses always need CCTV security because we store our goods and want to check that our staff is working properly or not. To maintain the growth and security of our business, CCTV is the compulsory need for Business.

Our Brand Partner

We have collaboration with mostly all the trusted name brands and provides the best product satisfaction in CCTV or Automation services to our Clients.

EaglePie.com is the leading company in CCTV Security Surveillance System, Door Locks, Intercom and provide you full Automation IoT services. EagliPie.com deals in B2B, B2C concepts with our wide range of latest products.

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